new years typically means new resolutions.  last year it was to cook a new and different meal every week and it held up for a while; until the summer when my roommate left and I was no longer motivated to cook anything extravagant.

this year, I’ve decided to make the following resolutions:

  1. put away 500 dollars every month:  I need to start being more responsible with my money and I suppose this is the best way to start.  500 is going to be tough but it just means I need to not spend so frivolously – I might have to cut this down if it seems too impossible, we’ll see.  (I’d like to have at least 5000 by the end of the year!)
  2. keep my lab notebook updated:  so technically I’ve already failed at this one but I’m going to pretend it didn’t start until about five minutes ago, when I finally got my notebook up to date.  again.
  3. blog more: at least twice a month?  maybe more (ha.  I’m genuinely curious how long this will last)

(pseudo)politics and panda bears

for science!

I think I might have chosen the wrong research project…

How Cats Drink Water

Summary: 4 MIT engineers got to spend 3 years watching cats drink water.  for science!

Post #41

TAing has led me to forget a number of things including:
– This blog
– What the inside of my lab looks like

my new favourite notebook

one down…

today marked the end of summer and the beginning of my second year as a graduate student.  the past couple of months have been filled with ups and downs and plenty of hectic days (and nights) with one goal in mind: the completion of my Q.

as with all research, it seems, nothing went as planned.  at the beginning of the summer I was given two undergraduate REU students to… help (?).  while things may not have gone as smoothly as it could have, they seemed to have learned something during their time here – and me too.  nonetheless, I had a little less than I wanted completed before to handing in my Q and the weeks prior to its completion were a panic-filled, caffeine-fueled haze.  it did not help that I had to move during those weeks as well!  suffice it to say, I looked forward to a week off.

I spent my “vacation” at home – doing home-y things.  went to the used book barn, spent some time at the beach, hung out with friends.  spent zero time in lab (of course).  I returned to Ithaca this weekend – to a completely different Ithaca than the one I left – Collegetown was filled with people, traffic clogged up the streets, parking became impossible to find.  The undergraduates are back – classes are starting.

as much as I’ll miss summer, I’m looking forward to the upcoming year.  new people to meet, the winter (snowboarding!), even the results of my Q (maybe).

cant forget – one more step towards completing my doctorate!

number 99 – eat a pinesburger

on the list of 161 things every cornellian should do, number 99 is: eat a pinesburger

the pinesburger is a (world?) famous burger made by the folks at glenwood  pines restaurant a short fifteen minute drive from campus.  on Sunday, Wen and I decided to cross it off our list of things to do.  while perusing the menu, i ran across the pines burger challenge and we both decided to give into our gluttony and attempt it.  the challenge is to finish four of these burgers in under an hour without leaving ones seat.  at first glance, this seems pretty easy but little did we know that each burger is quite big and served on a quarter loaf of french bread.  nevertheless, we delved right in, with a free tshirt and a place on the wall of fame on the line.

the first and second burgers were delicious and were finished off in quick succession.  with over 50 minutes to go, it seemed like no big deal – plenty of time left.  but i was already getting pretty full and i had to adopt a new strategy. the french bread proved to be the greatest challenge and so i proceded to deconstruct both and eat the buns first Kobayashi style.  20 minutes in and all i have left is the burger themselves, but i’m already starting to feel the pain.  powering through it with sheer will and a reckless disregard for my health, i finish everything in under thirty minutes and walk mosey slowly out of the restuarant uncomfortably full but victorious.

i ended up passing out on my couch at 8 in the evening only to wake up at 11, still uncomfortably full and no longer able to fall asleep.  after some Charlie’s Angles on TBS, i finally managed to get to sleep.  i dont think i will be able to even look at a hamburger for some time.